Plaza Home Mortgage’s new brand identity is the work of internationally renowned designer Tim Girvin, Founder of Girvin. Over his career, Tim and his team have shaped the visual auras of some of the world’s most illustrious brands, including Nordstrom, Apple, American Express, Nike and Wells Fargo.

Recently we sat down with Tim to get a deeper dive into his thinking behind the new logo and identity.

  • What is the thinking behind the new brand and logo?

Plaza Home Mortgage is an organization obsessed with serving its clients with commitment, focused care and attention. Our goal was to capture that energy and vitality with fresh, uplifting, vibrant imagery. We’ve tried to develop a wholly new stance of visualization and messaging that speaks to the character of Plaza and the substantive staying power it has exhibited for nearly two decades. 

  • What did you learn about the company and its culture during the exploratory phase of the project?

As a designer, you have to know what you’re designing towards—the direction: the why of its presence and the team that built the brand. In essence, what that comes down to at Plaza is a profound commitment to thoughtfully orchestrated, hands-on, white-glove service. You can see it in the efficiently managed, delivery-focused culture and in the attentiveness of the entire Plaza team. Time and again, you hear team members talking about the importance of relationships, ease of doing business, and collaboration. These are not words that normally come into parlance of mortgage lending, yet they are the procedural parlance of the team and the soul of the Plaza brand.

  • What do you hope people will take away from the new identity? 

It’s as simple as this: we tried to express a number of essential qualities—positivity , friendliness and a can-do culture. Visually, we tried to show how a complicated mortgage process can be simplified and brought together. The message behind the logomark: there is a way to go to get home.  

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

I spend a lot of time traveling, interviewing leaders and learning about organizations. Plaza’s people are authentically committed to rethinking how every detail of serving their clients can be evolved and continuously improved. Sometimes, you hear that from one person, or a couple, but rarely as a continuous thread, that everyone’s onboard. It was a remarkable set of interviews for me—awesome to hear that commitment.

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